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With your support, we will continue to work at the national, state and local level to create a safer bicycling environment and provide educational opportunities for anyone who wants to learn to ride a bike.

Endorsements and Sponsors

We’d like to thank the following businesses, organizations, and individuals for their commitment to distracted driving reform and their continued support of safer bicycling.

Businesses, Organizations, and Clubs

Gearage Outdoor Sports

“We at DT Swiss support Bike Blue’s efforts to promote safety and training for the world of cycling. We find their activity to engage and support legislative measures to help reduce “distracted driving” of high importance for the safety of cyclists, but also to all drivers of vehicles out there! Thank you Bike Blue!”

Chip Barbieri

CEO/GM DT Swiss, Inc., DT Swiss

Gearage Outdoor Sports

“When bicycles share the road with cars, bicycles should be respected and have their rights observed. Larry R. Williams, PLLC takes great pride in upholding the rights of bicyclists and supports Bike Blue’s mission”

Jonathan Williams

Partner, Larry R. Williams, PLLC

Gearage Outdoor Sports

“Meinhart, Smith & Manning, PLLC supports safe cycling and improved safety for all individuals sharing the road.”

Ethan Manning

Personal Injury Attorney, Meinhart, Smith & Manning, PLLC

Gearage Outdoor Sports

“Although we live in one of the most bike-friendly cities in the world, devastating accidents can happen when drivers are distracted or do not understand how bicycles and cars should share the road. We support Bike Blue in hopes of making our community safer for bicycle riders of all ages.”

John Coletti

Partner, Paulson Coletti

Gearage Outdoor Sports

“We support Bike Blue because we have seen the devastating injuries caused by distracted drivers and unsafe bicyclists. It is our goal to promote safer bicycling practices for kids in our community.”

Michael Flanagan

Founder, Flanagan Law Firm, P.A.

Gearage Outdoor Sports

“We are proud to help victims of bicycle accidents recover so they can get back on the road and back to their life.”

Jay Knispel

Founding Attorney, The Law Offices of Jay S. Knispel, LLC

Gearage Outdoor Sports

“As cycling and bike commuting continue to gain popularity, it is critical to put safety first through outreach, education and legislation. Colorado is a beautiful state to ride through, so let’s be sure to show our dedication to cyclists by supporting new legislation that will keep cyclists safe.”

Lindsey Reese

Rollout Cafe, Alchemy Bicycles

Gearage Outdoor Sports

“Hottman Law Office, aka The Cyclist Lawyer, endorses Big Blue’s mission to promote safer bicycling through educational programs and legislative initiatives and fully supports its efforts in eliminating distracted driving.”

Megan Hottman

Attorney and Founder, Hottman Law Office

Gearage Outdoor Sports

“We, the Board of Directors of Salida Cycling Club, strongly support Bike Blue and Colorado Senator Court’s efforts to minimize the destructive impact distracted drivers have on human life.”

Harold P Brull

Vice-President, Salida Cycling Club

Gearage Outdoor Sports

“As avid cyclist, we have seen first hand the dangers of distracted drivers. We support measures to make roads safer for all.”

Chris Sugai

Owner, Niner Bikes

Gearage Outdoor Sports

“BMA shares Bike Blue’s concern regarding distracted driving. We should be doing everything to encourage cycling and dealing with distracted driving with regulatory tactics is just one important tool.”

Steve Watts

Executive Director, Boulder Mountainbike Alliance

Vecchio's Bicicletteria

“The Colorado League fully supports bicycle safety as a national priority. Expanding education and awareness around distracted driving and overall driver education related to cyclists and pedestrians is critical to providing safe, healthy transportation for all.”

Kate Rau

Executive Director, Colorado High School Cycling League

Gearage Outdoor Sports

“The cycling economy is dependent on organizations like Bike Blue for the educational programs to make cycling safer.”


Founder and Owner, Main Street Pedicabs

McGukin Hardware

“As a community institution, we stand behind Bike Blue’s efforts to make the roads safer for non-car commuters, day and night. This is a great opportunity to work together as a community to make bicycle safety a national priority, and that’s why we endorse their efforts to reform distracted driving.”

Steve Wilke

Marketing Communications Specialist, McGuckin Hardware

United Food and Commercial Workers Union Local 7

“UFCW Local 7 wholeheartedly supports Bike Blue’s efforts to make bike safety a local as well as national priority. We applaud their efforts to reform distracted driving and keep bicyclists safer.”

UFCW Executive Board

United Food and Commercial Workers Union Local 7

Bike Shops

Gearage Outdoor Sports

“Boo Bicycles strongly supports the ability of all users on the roads to be safe. One of the most important aspects of road safety is paying attention! Cyclists, drivers, runners, and all others who share our great roadways must not let their phones get in the way of the life-and-death matter before them.”

Nick Frey

Owner, Boo Bicycles

Gearage Outdoor Sports

“Distracted driving is an important issue that needs to be brought to the table. Everyone should be aware of the consequences of distracted driving and the more we can do to spread information the better! Thank you for bringing us together to work towards safer riding and driving.”


CFO, Bingham Built

Gearage Outdoor Sports

“Handlebar Bike & Board strongly supports Bike Blues efforts to encourage safe driving habits. As a local community family run bike shop, helping to protect our friends and family on the road is of utmost importance. Enjoy the Ride!”

Hanuman Enright

Owner, Stoke Facilitator

Gearage Outdoor Sports

“We care about the well being of Colorado cyclists and support legislation that improves safety and ridership. Colorado is a destination for outdoor activity – let’s pass laws that protect!”

Frank J Cassella

Owner, Golden Bear Bikes

Gearage Outdoor Sports

“In the past 15 years, myself and many of my friends have stopped or reduced our road riding and commuting by bike with traffic in our local because of the dangers of being on the road. I do personally believe that a good portion of the fear comes from the knowledge that there are a lot of distracted drivers on the road. I’ve heard from friends and customers so many times that, “it’s just not worth the risk”. Obviously, this is not a scenario we should be complacent with. It should be as safe as is possible to ride a bike in a lawful manner with traffic. For that reason, Reeb Cycles and The Bike Shop at Cyclhops are happy to support a national initiative by Bike Blue to end distracted driving.”

Tim Moore

Project Manager, Reeb Cycles

Gearage Outdoor Sports

“Thanks for working to make our world a safer place.”

Patti Zink

Owner, Mountain Bike Specialists

Gearage Outdoor Sports

“This endorsement means a lot to me. I was hit by a driver who said they didn’t see me. I don’t know if she was distracted but I suspect she was. So our shop is in support of this cause.”

Paul Andersen

Owner, Long Mont Velo

Gearage Outdoor Sports

“Planet Cyclery is proud to support Bike Blue in their mission to provide a safer cycling experience for all of us.”

Cody Schlager

Assistant Store Manager, Planet Cyclery

Gearage Outdoor Sports

“We support this, not just for cyclists on the road, but for all people that could be affected or injured by a distracted driver.”

Frank Mitchell

Owner, Moontime Cyclery

Gearage Outdoor Sports


Jason Shelman

Owner, Subculture Cyclery

Gearage Outdoor Sports

“We stand together with Bike Blue and support their commitment to pass Colorado’s Distracted Driving Bill. We care about the safety of our customers and the people living in our Boulder Colorado community and we will stand up to address the senseless lives lost because of distracted driving. Our passion is riding and to share that freedom, excitement and joy is why we ride and who we are.”

Mike Doyle

Owner, LTD Cycleworx

Gearage Outdoor Sports

“It’s just common sense.”

Scott Adlfinger

Owner, Louisville Cyclery LLC

Gearage Outdoor Sports

“We here at Salida Bike Company fully support Bike Blue’s efforts to keep cycling safe and reduce the tragic consequences of distracted driving.”

Anton van Leuken

Owner, Salida Bike Company, LLC

Gearage Outdoor Sports

“With the rise in distracted driving, cyclists have never been at risk more every time they get on their bike. We fully support Bike Blue’s efforts in distracted driving reform and cycling safety education. We want Boulder to be the leading example of a healthy synergy between cyclists and drivers for the rest of the country.”


Manager, Colorado Multisport

Gearage Outdoor Sports

“Bike Blue is 100% committed to cyclist safety. Making distracted driving reform and skills education part of the national dialogue can only improve the health of the bicycle industry.”


Co-Owner, Gearage Outdoor Sports

Full Cycle

“Full Cycle wholeheartedly supports Bike Blue and their efforts to make it safer to ride.”

Russell Chandler

Managing Member, Full Cycle

University Bicycles, LTD

“We support Bike Blue’s efforts at enhancing cyclist safety at all level of the sport/recreation. Please work to make distracted driving less of an issue for cycling and others. We run a successful small business that employs 50 people. We sell bikes and accessories. We want our customers and employees to be safe and feel safe when they share the road with others. Thank you for listening.”

Lester Binegar

General Manager, University Bicycles, LTD

Cenna's Custom Cycles

“Distracted driving is a modern issue that hasn’t yet received the attention necessary to keep commuter, recreational, and sport cyclists safe. We fully support Bike Blue and their efforts to decrease distracted driving for the benefit of cyclists and motorists alike.”

Cenna & Lance Vaelli

Owner/Manager, Cenna's Custom Cycles

Loveland Cycle 'n Fitness

“We can’t talk enough about safety in all our modes of transportation. Keep up the good work.”

Richard Preiss

Owner, Loveland Cycle 'n Fitness

Freedom Folding Bikes

“Distracted driving is one of the biggest challenges I face, both personally as a daily bike commuter, and professionally because it makes cycling less safe for everyone. Most people I talk to don’t realize that it is not legal to text while sitting at a stoplight. Bike Blue is doing a commendable job of fighting for safer streets for all. Keep up the good work!”

Chuck Ankeny

Owner, Freedom Folding Bikes

Boulder Bicycle Works

“We fully support Bike Blue’s efforts in bringing awareness to distracted driving. As distracted driving becomes more and more of an issue we need someone out there advocating for us all. Here at Boulder Bicycle Works we specialize in service to keep you riding longer and with Bike Blue advocating for safe roads we know we can get more people involved with cycling.”


Co-owner, Boulder Bicycle Works

SG Cycling

“As bicycle industry small business owners, we feel a strong affinity for the issues facing cyclists of all disciplines. In recent years our constituents have been deeply affected by tragedies related to distracted driving and overall bicycling safety. We support the work of Bike Blue in creating safer shared roads for both cyclists and drivers.”

Elorie Slater

Co-Owner, Sports Garage Cycling

Vecchio's Bicicletteria

“Vecchio’s is a local Boulder Colorado bike shop centered in the heart of the bicycling community. We support safer cycling and endorse Bike Blue for their efforts in uniting bicyclists who are standing up for Distracted Driving Reform. Making our roads and our community safer benefits everyone. Please join us.”

Jim Potter

Owner/Meccanico di Bici, Vecchio's

Vecchio's Bicicletteria

“Every initiative that helps people ride safely and enjoy cycling more is important. Bike Blue is driven by a passion to help educate people and help them ride safely, which is awesome. keep up the good work.”

Devin Dahl

Owner/Manager, Boneshaker Cycles

Vecchio's Bicicletteria

“We fully support Bike Blue and their efforts to help keep cyclists safe. We have had many friends hit by cars the main way keep those numbers down is to make people aware of their surrounding and teach them what to look for before it is too late.”

Mark Mitchell

Owner, Road 34 Bike Shop

Vecchio's Bicicletteria

“Bike Blue is bringing awareness to distracted driving and is working hard to make cyclists and drivers safer on the roads. Beyond making the roads safer for our customers, friends and family, it also helps our staff as we all ride our bikes to work daily. Thank you Bike Blue.”

Brent Van Eps

Sales manager, Absolute Bikes (Colorado)

Vecchio's Bicicletteria

“Given the unnecessary frequency of cyclists injured at the moment, sometimes mortally, we here at Velo Stop stand fully behind the efforts that the good people at are making to make it possible for EVERYBODY to use our roadways. The Skills Education Program in particular is a much needed awareness class for cyclists. Thank you for the opportunity.”

Sunny Waas

Owner, Velo Stop

Personal Endorsements

“My car was rear ended because the driver was texting while he was driving. I also have heard my friends encountered several close call almost got hit by a car because the drivers were texting. Hand free is the only way to ensure safety for anyone who is on the road, included the driver.”

Mei-Hsin Kuo

“What a fantastic cause to support and I recommend that all cyclist do the utmost to further the cause!”

Blaine A. Rainey

“Pay attention! It will save a life!”

Mark Siebert

“Bike safety must be addressed!”

Ian MacGregor

“Amazing work that Bike Blue is doing to move the discussion about Distracted Driving into the main stream consciousness. The have my wholehearted support.”

Preston Tyree

“I have followed the good work of the Bike Blue Team and laud their efforts to make cycling safer for all of us since I first met them in Fort Collins in 2012.”

Steven Williams L.C.I #3585

“As a trained LCI (league cycling instructor), this is very near and dear to my heart. This along with a vulnerable road user law is sorely lacking and needed.”

Devin Quince

“I support Bike Blue’s mission to make bicycling a safer form of transportation. People who ride bicycles are more vulnerable road users and need legislative protection from the dangers of distracting driving. As this form of transportation becomes more safe, more people will be drawn to the sustainable practice benefiting the environment and humanity as a whole.”

Joy Childress

“I endorse bike safety and the values of Bike Blue! You have my support.”

Savannah Bailey

“100% Endorsement for this awesome movement!”

Rob Blacker


Midnight Sun

“We are a proud supporter of Bike Blue and endorse their efforts to reform distracted driving. Their work has provided all safety conscious bicyclists with a platform for making skills education and conspicuousness part of the national dialogue. Their commitment to safer bicycling and to a safer bicycling environment is unwavering.”

Christopher L. Satriano

President, Midnight Sun

Mary's Mountain Cookies

“Most of us who work at Mary’s Mountain Cookies and many of our customers are bicycle riders. We’ve got to burn off those extra calories and Fort Collins is the perfect place for that. We are always looking to improve the safety of riders in this quaint little city.”

Mike Neal

Owner, Mary's Mountain Cookies

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